Top 4 tai nghe đánh giá có âm thanh hay nhất của Pendulumic


Với những chiếc tai Headphones nó giúp chúng ta mang âm nhạc đi khắp mọi nơi, không những chinh phục ta bằng hình thức đẹp mắt và hơn thế nữa là chất lượng âm thanh đẳng cấp. Đại đa số mỗi người trong chúng ta đều mang phong cách, màu sắc và tính cách khác nhau. Là những người mua hàng, để tìm mua chiếc mình ưng ý nhất, tốt nhất thì quả là một điều khá khó khăn và khó nhằn nếu bạn không phải dân chuyên nghiệp. vì vậy xin giới thiệu 4 đánh giá có âm thanh hay nhất của Pendulumic

1 Pendulumic Tach T1
A highly-comfortable headband with just the right amount of pressure to hold but not to clamp tight to your head/ear, while providing passive noise cancellation for a musical and comfortable travelling audio experience.
The iconic PENDULUMIC Dial for instinctively natural controls over your music playback, volume and call controls.
The T1 detects and switches automatically between Wireless, Amplified and Passive wired modes, depending on your usage setting and scenario.
25 hours of wireless playback with AAA battery backup. Switch to Amplified­wired mode for extended playtime or Passive­wired mode for battery­less operation.
Enjoy music, movies and games wirelessly with no noticeable lag.
Share and enjoy music or audio together with a friend on another T1.

Giá: 5.750.000 ₫

2 Pendulumic Stance S1+
No other wireless headphone is equipped to give you all that STANCE S1+ does. Period. That’s what the freedom of wireless, CD-quality sound is all about. It’s amplified bliss, or reference-quality wired. It’s an immersive,over-ear sonic experience. Moreover, it even makes calls. That’s not all. STANCE S1+ can also deliver up to 30 hours of continuous wireless playback. Experience the unlimited, built-in battery power of InstantOn. All at a surprisingly affordable price. And all in a thrilling new kind of concert-hall environment. To go. The new STANCE S1+ features an enhanced sound profile with deeper bass and new, larger and extra-padded ear cushions for long-term wearing comfort.
For discerning ears, it’s all about the sound. This is why we couldn’t build the headphones of our dreams until wireless audio was indistinguishable from wired. Until leaving cords behind didn’t indicate walking away from fidelity. With the latest Bluetooth 4.0, aptX and A2DP, we heard CD-quality audio output. And realised that the time for the best buy in wireless headphones – STANCE S1+ had arrived.
STANCE S1+ will surely liberate you from the tyranny of cords. Add to that freedom from the misery of recharges, as well as down time. This is all thanks to lnstantOn—the industry’s only AAA-battery backup and power source. It works with the internal battery for up to 30 hours of wireless playback. And it also lets you power up instantly when out of juice. Or listen to audio for days on end, without going near an AC plug. Just pop in a couple of fresh AAAs, and you’ll be instantly up and running again. And again. That’s really something no other wireless headphone can offer. That’s what true freedom is.
This isn’t just a high-end, wireless headphone. It’s four headphones in one. There’s Wireless Mode, which puts high-fidelity listening on the move. Amplified Mode, for a sonic experience that’s literally a blast. Wired Mode, for reference-quality mixing, latency-free recording, and battery conservation. And Phone Mode, which hooks you up with sealed listening quality, and a noise-reducing mic. All to made sure STANCE S1+ can adapt to wherever you go, and however you want to listen.
At PENDULUMIC, our design process starts at the end — with the human using our innovations. This is why we tested the ear types and head sizes of over 500 people before designing the natural-feeling ear cups and comfortable frame of STANCE S1+. It’s also why we chose our analog PENDULUMIC Dial™ – after observing how effortless and intiutive it was, as opposed to the electronic buttons used in other products. It’s designed for simplicity. That’s what makes the user experience of STANCE S1+ as familiar and effortless as it can get.

Giá: 4.600.000 ₫

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