Top 4 tai nghe đánh giá có âm thanh hay nhất của Marshall

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Với những chiếc tai Headphones nó giúp chúng ta mang âm nhạc đi khắp mọi nơi, không những chinh phục ta bằng hình thức đẹp mắt và hơn thế nữa là chất lượng âm thanh đẳng cấp. Đại đa số mỗi người trong chúng ta đều mang phong cách, màu sắc và tính cách khác nhau. Là những người mua hàng, để tìm mua chiếc tai nghe mình ưng ý nhất, tốt nhất thì quả là một điều khá khó khăn và khó nhằn nếu bạn không phải dân chuyên nghiệp. vì vậy xin giới thiệu 4 tai nghe đánh giá có âm thanh hay nhất của Marshall

1 Mashall Mid Bluetooth
Mid is a premium Bluetooth® aptX headphone that delivers superior audio and 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge. Its custom 40mm dynamic drivers lend it a robust sound that balances clarity with just the right amount of bass – perfect for those who demand the best in sound. The on-ear design features a plush headband and 3D hinges that produce an ergonomic fit. Complete with black vinyl, solid metal hinges and brass details mid is the embodiment of Marshall in a headphone.

2 Major II Bluetooth
The Major II Bluetooth gives you the freedom and convenience of a wireless headphone combined with over 50 years of tried and true Marshall performance. Seamlessly Connect to your listening device with the latest in Bluetooth® aptX Technology and listen to 30+ hours of music. Not only can you blast your favourite tunes in CD-like audio quality, aptX also minimizes audio/video syncing issues, allowing you to watch movies without experiencing horrible lip sync.

The double-ended coil cord with mic & remote is completely detachable and compatible with any music player that receives a 3.5mm jack. When listening to music wirelessly, you can use the empty 3.5mm socket to share audio with someone else.

With the analogue control knob you can play, pause, shuffle and adjust the volume. Phone functionality is also included so you can answer, reject or end a call with a few simple clicks.

Turn on, tune in and rock out to the customized drivers, which deliver a sound that it timeless and sure to be remembered.

”The Major II’s 680mAh battery logged a total of 37 hours at high volume. That’s about three times what you’d expect from most Bluetooth headphones”, 02.23.16

3 Marshall Major II Pitch Black
An impressive second act, the classic Major kicks up its performance a few notches. Updated sound, looks and durability, as well as improved ergonomics, give way to a whole new level of listening. A rock-solid character that’s built to last, the Major II makes its presence known.
It’s more advanced sound features include customised drivers, to deliver deeper bass and more extended detailed highs with a refined mid- range and overall lower distortion.

The detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is equipped with an L-plug end, providing improved durability and carrying ease. The dual 3.5 mm jacks allow you to choose which side you prefer to wear your cable on or to plug in and share your music with a friend.

The Major’s already classic good looks upgrade to a more rounded construction and extra durable vinyl finish.

With its newly constructed hinges and headband design, the Major II fits better than ever. Allowing for increased flexibility and the ear caps to rotate more freely, the Major II adapts to your head shape for increased comfort during those long listening sessions.

True to form, The Major II is yet another solid work-horse manufactured in the trademark Marshall way.

Giá: 2.490.000 ₫

4 Marshall Mode EQ
Mode offers a huge sound in a small package. Featuring customised drivers delivering high-output sound at minimal distortion. With unique in-ear design anchors to your ear, while still providing a comfortable fit featuring interchangeable size sleeves in S, M, L, and XL ensure a custom fit.

The mode EQ also comes equipped with microphone and remote for use with your cell phone. Combined with excellent audio, a tangle resistant cord and unique styling that embodies the Marshall legacy.

Giá: 2.450.000 ₫

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