Top 6 bộ loa được đánh giá tốt nhất của hãng Audio Physic

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Âm nhạc là thứ không thể thiếu với bất kỳ ai trong chúng ta, một chiếc loa vi tính nhỏ gọn sẽ rất tiện lợi trong việc di chuyển khắp nơi. Trên thực tế loa được sử dụng vào bất kỳ mục đích giải trí nào như xem phim, nghe nhạc, chơi game v.v. Tuy nhiên không phải bất kỳ sản phẩm nào trên thị trường đều tốt vì vậy xin gợi ý 6 bộ loa được đánh giá tốt nhất của hãng Audio Physic

What are the essential elements that make something revolutionary? Truly revolutionary are things that have staying power and unfold with long-lasting impact – as opposed to those that create a short-lived, spectacular flash in the pan. That’s how we define a genuine revolution. It is the consequence of countless smaller evolutionary steps. AUDIO PHYSIC’s top model CARDEAS has managed to set a new standard in its class worldwide. To take something that is already excellent and still improve upon it, that is our motivation and the inveterate quest of our development team, thus we began making numerous tiny adjustments and refinements. Except for its outward appearance, there was “not one stone left upon another”. The newly-developed CARDEAS plus+ bears the “plus+” for good reason. The result: a revolution.

The CARDEAS plus+ is the foundation of all AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers in the REFERENCE line. In fact, we mean that literally. Just take the body with its rejuvenating side panels leading to the baffle, that avoid parallel planes; there is the curvature in the back; the slightly rear-tilted angle of the cabinet – painstaking design details that lead to vast stability and eliminate even the slightest possibility of any materials taking on a life of their own and impairing the sound.

The CARDEAS plus+ is now taking a decisive step even further. The cabinet not only continues to boast all its solid stiffening properties exhibited up to now, it also features an entirely new design on the inside. As we already saw in the very successful Plus+ versions of VIRGO 25 and AVANTERA, there are additional ceramic foam cabinet struts. This very stiff material has a porosity of more than 85%, which means the inner volume required for the lowest bass tones is hardly reduced. Due to their low mass, the ceramic foam elements retain hardly any energy and also dissipate it very quickly – before the cabinet body can begin building up any undesirable vibrations. The porous structure of the material means an enormous increase in the surface area. Even without the absorbing materials otherwise used, this reliably prevents cavity resonance.

The intelligent design factor of the CARDEAS plus+, combined with its cutting-edge mix of materials, guarantees the utmost in precision and freedom of distortion – from the softest pianissimo up to thundering volumes. This purity and signal fidelity have positive impact on the overall listening spectrum. There is no better working environment for the forward-looking HHC (hyper holographic cone) chassis, a proprietary development, with its unique architecture. As in all the models in the REFERENCE series, the tweeter is not directly connected to the baffle. Like the midrange drivers, it is uncoupled from the cabinet using an ingenious weave construction in SSC (“string suspension concept”) engineered materials. This prevents even the most delicate vibrations in the baffle from spreading to the membranes, and makes the rendering of even the finest musical intricacies seem second-nature. CARDEAS plus+ handles vibrations that spread over the connection cables directly at their potential source. The crossovers between mid-range drivers and tweeters are also uncoupled from the cabinet using SSC elements. In addition, the HHC high tweeter features state-of-the-art vibration-damping contacts. This manifests itself in even higher resolution and more authentic spatial definition.

After a very positive public response to the launch of the VIRGO 25plus+ at the HIGH END 2012 show in Munich and fantastic international test reports, it is a logical consequence to apply the innovations and learning curves from the VIRGO 25plus+ to additional REFERENCE models. Yet this involves much more than simply “transferring” new technologies onto another loudspeaker. The design innovations in the AVANTERAplus+ are, for example, to be painstakingly matched to the crossover network, the drivers, and the cabinet – and represent once again the result of intensive detail work, comprehensive listening tests and the passion of the AUDIO PHYSIC development team to reproduce music as authentically as possible – true to the principle, “No loss of fine detail”.

It’s really the minute details that make the task a challenge. In attempting to improve a recognised first-class product, AUDIO PHYSIC looks at all the elements that come together in a loudspeaker. Thus AUDIO PHYSIC managed to develop loudspeakers that do not display a cosy (wooden) cabinet sound and, conversely, as a result, once again brought the performance of the drivers and crossover technology to the fore. This laid the groundwork for the worldwide unique HHC midrange driver and tweeter that are already successfully deployed in AVANTERA and other AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers.

In taking another decisive step forward, our developer team made an unbiased assessment of all the elements of the loudspeaker and in particular, how they interact, paying special attention to the individual cabinet areas of the speaker. The requirements and operating conditions vary considerably in the individual frequency ranges. AUDIO PHYSIC counters the negative ramifications of bass impulses having an effect on the cabinet with a mirror-image configuration of woofers in the standard loudspeakers of the REFERENCE line. The energy impact on the cabinet is virtually negated by this arrangement, and what’s more, the extremely stiff design of the cabinet dissipates excess energy before it can negatively influence the sound. In the AVANTERAplus+, there is added reinforcement in the areas surrounding the woofers using an ultra-stiff ceramic foam (in the cross-sectional view, Item 1). This enables impulses to be dispersed even more rapidly. Thanks to the porous structure of the ceramic foam, the inner volume does not change – and the loudspeakers are not growing heavier, despite significantly improved cabinet properties.

When playing the middle frequencies, the key focus was to avoid sound permeability at the midpoint. The percentage of sound deflected into the interior in each loudspeaker to a certain extent finds its way out through the cabinet walls. The results is discolouration. In the AVANTERAplus+, the midrange drivers work not only on an autonomous cabinet section. In the Plus version, dampening panels specially-developed for the AVANTERA chassis (cross-sectional view, Item 2) are fitted on the interior of the cabinet in this area. They are less stiff than the exterior walls, thereby creating a heterogeneous structure that has a significant dampening effect on sound permeability. Thanks to the special structure of the panels, parts of the reflected sound are not “mirrored” in a defined angle on the walls, thus further reducing the influence of sound inside the cabinet. The interplay with the even higher-quality components of the crossover network (cross-sectional view, Item 4) leads to a dramatic gain in acoustics.

Even the HHC tweeter benefits from the new development. A new type of link is used in the signal connector (cross-sectional view, Item 3) at the interface between the crossover network and driver, which is effective in suppressing the micro-vibrations that could influence the sensitive signals. This results in exceptional resolution and an even more realistic illumination of the acoustic space.

It is the tireless questioning of conventional wisdom and the intensive analysis of the physical conditions that allow the AVANTERAplus+ to reach a level of sound reproduction that just a few years ago would have been inconceivable in this class.

Đây là model thứ 3 và nhỏ nhất dòng tham chiếu của Audio Physic, nhưng vẫn đầy đủ phẩm chất của các đàn anh.

Model đầu bảng của dòng High end Line thừa hưởng những gì tốt nhất từ các đàn anh dòng Reference với mức giá hợp lý.

Cặp loa đứng nhỏ nhất trong dòng High end Line – dòng loa tầm trung của Audio Physic,hội tụ đầy đủ những tinh túy của hãng, phù hợp với phòng nghe nhỏ.

Mang củ loa chất lượng cao của Classic 20, cho âm thanh sạch và lôi cuốn, tiếng bass sâu, mid sạch và rõ.

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